Thursday, April 17, 2014

Life Part: II

I complete a week in the United States. Relocating for him, moving in with him.
2 years wrapped in 4 bags. 70 kilos and a paper that states we are legally man and wife.
Settling in meant:
The unfamiliar new bed to sleep on every night that is slowly growing into me. Getting comfortable.
Sharing the bed with him on a daily basis and not having one all to myself. Sharing becoming a part of every day life.
Using more appliances on a daily basis than I am used to.
Adopting his obsessively clean ways from day to night to day again.
Missing workplace chatter and banter.
Watching CNN repeat obsessively about MH 370 and the Ukraine situation. New found appreciation for all the noise that TIMES NOW makes on Newshour Debate.
Missing nomadic ways of heading out and walking non stop around the city. Being driven around can spoil you.
Smiling at random strangers everywhere and indulging in small talk. And still knowing no one means it. Genuinely. Its just a job they are all doing. But we all still smile at each other. Anyway..
Slowly but steadily accepting the new changes, having him around abundantly without a clock ticking away somewhere in the mind about limited weeks, days and sometimes hours.
Breathing in. Breathing out and looking out of the windows to memorize the new abode.
28 years of being in India was good, bad and enriching.
11 years of long distance was heart wrenching.
Isn't it love that brings about the biggest changes in us? In our lives?