Thursday, October 25, 2012

A decade of hopelessness

More than a year gone by, news of yet another year to go by.
Emailed casually, just like that. As if it was the day's lunch that was to be described because of a missed conversation. Rather, many missed conversations over the week.

The heart sank. The tears ran; And then came the cries of despair of a broken heart. It was silent all around. So quiet that the sound of the moving fan was loud enough to be considered an intrusion.

How much could the matters of the heart defeat one? How far could one be pushed? How tirelessly would one trudge on.

You know that feeling? That old sinking feeling when something hits you so suddenly you need to read and re-read it again and again and again to realize the impact. That feeling of sinking when something hits you so hard that nothing could've prepared you? That feeling of being tired? Worn out? When you just want to walk away. Breathe free, breathe deep and for once accept the writing on the wall?
No matter how much you fight and pray against destiny, and dwell in false hopes. No matter how much you justify teary, lonely days preceding over an annual or bi annual embrace. Life and its ugly truth do catch up.

This time I surrender. I am through with the game. I am tired. Very Tired.