Friday, April 8, 2011


There is that fear you know,Of those moments that snatched away,
Aeons of time;
Time that meant everything to me...

The fear which makes me stay away,
from those lanes, places and familiar memories...
Someone else walked on my path,
Touched my blooming buds and took away novelty...

From all the novice painted pictures, dreams and hopes...
The fear begets hatred, anger and jeopardy...
Will I ever get over this pain..
This heart wrenching feeling of misery???

And now a voice deep inside me tells,
That this fear needs to come out once in  conclusive end
Some time I will need to tell myself,
That my dream is right here, with me and in my hands...


  1. Long time, no see. Hope you been good.

    I can never listen to some songs and walk on some roads. But I guess time heals everything.