Monday, August 2, 2010

Kjærlighet : Enden er

Dearest Hanky Moody,
I'm too late isn't it? Just too darn late. Too late for this whole bloody lifetime. Knowing you, you would have a smirk off your shoulder to tell me, "Chill", "Lay back and relax" and it would be as awckward and restrained between us as it has been, since I choose not to hold your hands for this lifetime. For all you know, you might never ever read this. Now that you have a beautiful, gorgeous woman as your wife who keep you happy. But often, keep wondering how would it be with the two of us, if it were to be ever. I fell in love when I couldnt have you anymore, when life was giving you to someone else. I fell in love after I declined to accept your love. Watching you walk to th sunset with someone else got a lump to my throat. But I had to face the consequences of a decision I took, a choice I made. Now I read our letters and smile, sometimes there are few tears of regret and a silent prayer for you to always be happy. This much never changes. My genuine prayers and concern for you. And I also wish, that in some lifetime, its me who is by your side.
I guess sometimes love is in prayers.

This being my last letter to you in this lifetime.



  1. U write in Scandinavian to??

  2. You did good in that you made a decision; I tagged along hoping for things to change. Fell face-first off a cliff.

  3. @ Anonymous : Yeah am a lover of languages too

    @ Anonymity: Whose decision did u tag along with?? Is there a story, good enough to know?? You can write to me at u cud help me write a new story, who knows??

  4. Miss Bhui, no idea how good the story is, but will mail you in some days.