Monday, August 9, 2010

Gear up for Meter Jam -12th August.

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Ever been stranded late at night in the middle of the road, nearly pleading with an Auto Rickshaw or a Cabbie to take you to your destination.
Ever reached a point where you helplessly bribe a non agreeable auto/cab driver with a few bucks more if he gives u a ride back??
Ever cursed/abused the clan of cabbies 'cuse they drive away and pretend you dont exist on the roads??
Ever debated with one of those guys who rip you off with false/forged Meter Reading cards and on you standing your ground there are ten more of them standing as if to thrash you down??
Seems familiar??
Time to hit back at them.
We know our "system" has "enough" to deal with.
Its time we took matters in our hands.
On the 12th of August, shun them. The very Taxi/ Auto drivers. Pretend they DO NOT exist. Do your health some good, wake up early, leave early and walk it down or take the BEST if its been ages!!
No matter what, dont look at those cabbies/autowallahs.
Its for a day.
But its time we start taking these people for a "ride" too!!

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