Friday, July 30, 2010

स्पंद: Spand

I have walked a great distance and finally reached by your side;
The journey seemed impossible to fight against the tide.

Let me sit across, in front of you, and let me look into your eyes;
I know they have shed tears galore in the dark awaiting a beautiful sunrise.

I know you want to keep it hidden from the world, your sorrow & anguish in heavy rain;
That at times you wonder what worth does it make, all the laughter against the pain.

We're all going through this journey of life forever, with so many people walkin beside;
Some stay long and some forever while some trudge away for an easier ride.

I know it hurts you every moment to fight your emotions away;
But such is life for everyone, against her we have no choice or say.

So let me be there right next to you, you can hold me by my hand;
Its good to know there is someone for you who takes a supporting stand.

Let me wittness every passing moment of your life, let me smile and cry with you;
Let me feel your lips on mine some days, let me have dreams more than just few.

I will be there every time you look at me, on days you would tell tales or rather confide;
Let me tell you the day will be beautiful, the day I hear your heartbeat lying by your side.

(स्पंद: Spand, in Sanskrit means a heartbeat. First published on August 13, 2007)


  1. Wonderful piece of writing :)Love is a wonderful feeling and writeups like this make it even more wonderful. And hey your flicker photos are awesome. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. @ Anto : Keep dropping by and thanks for the words of encouragement :)

  3. A journey of life crafted well in your poem...enjoyed it
    do visit!