Monday, May 3, 2010

Daily Discovery:

'The wealthiest of people are those who are well read and treasure a trove spilling of books. What riches are those of minds that do not understand the beauty of words, stories and fine poetry. Of lives, loves and lifetimes. Such minds were born with a begging bowl empty and they die much before the bowl could get full'


  1. You wrote this? If yes, brilliant; if no, the fact that you found it is nevertheless brilliance.

  2. @ Anonymity : Aye aye sire/mam... I happen to write this.

  3. Sorry for the late reply. Two things:

    1) "Sire" would suffice.

    2) You should write more often.

  4. @ Anonymity: I replied to ur comment above in my recent post not knowing the gender. Shall keep in mind here on. Have a great week ahead sire :)

  5. The magic of words lie not in the fines lines of poetry nor in the trove of books instead it is in the confessions written/told like the one you given in this blog.

    GREAT PIECE AB.... :)