Saturday, April 3, 2010

Love in the times of the Blackberry

There are fights and there is rage and flying tempers too,
Love is sometimes an over grown kid it needs some growing up to do.

There are tears and there is turmoil and there are ego issues too,
Yet every night it manages to make u pine for the person, love is complicated too.

There are sleepless nights and anxious seconds and absolutely miserable days too,
add to it forgetfulness, take-it-for-grantedness and unpardonable behavior too.

There are mistakes and there are punishments but there are feelings in between too,
Love isnt a perfect Black and White there are Gray areas too.


  1. So beautifully put, in as few words as possible.. Kudos!

  2. methinks it s only grey...and shades of isnt about black n white in the first place...what is true today could be wrong tomorrow...

  3. Geez Love has a particular set of colours? I mean just from the beautiful piece you have written above, i could make out a lot of colours and none of them is limited Black and White nor do they resemble the so called shades of Grey.

  4. @ The disillusioned caffine addict: Thank You.