Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Riding on a donkey!!!

I wish I could ride a donkey on the streets of Bombay
with a silver witch cap crowning my hair...
a whistle in red hung around my neck
and robes in layers of velvet, oh a visual despair

On the donkey I'd pass by dim yellow lit streets
with a slow gait like the Maharanis of yore
I'd whistle out loud and give an obvious wink
At every man whom my eyes would catch a fancy for

I'd ride along the Gateway, the sea and the Fountain
acknowledging awkward stares to familiar glee
Id then fulfill the daily wishes of a travelers legend
That my sight would offer for free

I'd have drunkards lech and sing for me
Songs of nubile 'nautch' girls and how they get laid
I'd smile at them and tell them to follow my donkey
I'd be soon called the donkey girl and her crazy parade