Monday, March 22, 2010

A man of convenience

I am nothing but a mute spectator to the farce,
watching a coy lady convolute yet another lad,
a game being played and a plan put up,
women with quick sexual agendas are many, not scarce!

She laughs out loud when he mouths something silly,
and flirts with her hair mischievously,
A cup of coffee in between my hands,
as I watch the drama, unfold seductively.

He always looks at her oh so longingly,
Even when she slips away from our table not so coyly,
taking phone calls from one of her lovers galore,
Leaving an awkwardness between him and me,
The disappointment in his eyes for one and all to see.

He gives her his treasures and his posessions,
hoping that one day it will be he,
whom she adorns in her arms and walks with a smile,
telling one and all that he is her man to be.

I know of her nights and the many men in them,
I can see through her raucous laugh too,
I know this lad means nothing more to her,
than an easy convenience for a day or two!

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